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Sheriff Mike Williams Abandons Elected Office

mike williams

In response to confirmed reports that Sheriff Mike Williams moved out of Duval County, in violation of Jacksonville’s City Charter, Duval County Democratic Party Chair Daniel Henry released the following statement:


JACKSONVILLE, FL — “The Charter is clear, Mike Williams, by his actions, abandoned the Office of Duval County Sheriff on March 4th, 2021.


“As violent crime increases every day, our Sheriff secretly sold his Oceanway home a year ago and moved to Nassau County. Leaving his former city unprotected, as he continues to collect his $181k salary.


“The charter is clear, Duval’s elected Sheriff must live within the county boundaries — full stop. Any argument otherwise plainly violates the charter and is ripe for a legal challenge. In anticipation of the General Counsel’s binding opinion affirming the vacancy, we look forward to the City Council promptly calling an August Special Election.