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Duval Democratic Party Chair Welcomes Vice President Harris


JACKSONVILLE, FL — This afternoon, Vice President Harris will visit Jacksonville on the administration’s “Help is Here” tour. The visit will highlight the recently signed American Rescue Plan, a comprehensive piece of legislation that will provide critical COVID-19 relief to Jacksonville and Florida as a whole.
In response, Duval County Democratic Party Chair Daniel Henry released the following statement:
“We’re excited to welcome Vice President Harris to Jacksonville on the administration’s “Help is Here” tour. Her visit seeks to highlight the relief Floridians are set to receive from the American Rescue Plan and how the administration is working to overcome the unprecedented public health and economic crises we face.
“With only 61-days in office, President Biden and Vice President Harris have consistently been on the forefront to deliver big, bold relief to the American people. With the signing of the rescue plan, the administration is already delivering on rapidly expanding vaccine access, providing direct payments of $1,400 to well over 10 million Floridians, expanding the child tax credit, and extending unemployment insurance.
“In the coming weeks, we will see additional relief from this historic piece of legislation; which includes rental assistance, reduction in health insurance premiums, and assistance for small businesses.
“The Biden-Harris administration, and the Democratic Party have kept their promise to provide the American people the help they urgently need. Our community is grateful and lucky to have such dedicated public servants fighting to deliver results.”
More on what the American Rescue Plan will do for Jacksonville and Florida as a whole:
  • Over 10 million Florida households are going to receive stimulus payments of $1,400 because of the American Rescue Plan.
  • This plan more than doubles the weekly unemployment benefits for the average Floridian, with a $300 enhancement included in the weekly benefit.
  • This bill also expands the Child Tax Credit which will benefit over 3.8 million children in Florida and will lift hundreds of thousands of Florida children out of poverty altogether.
  • The American Rescue Plan is going to provide over $10 billion to our state government and $187 million to the city of Jacksonville, in state and local funding.
  • This bill will offer Floridians over $1.1 billion in rental assistance.
  • The plan will provide $111.7 million to 4 Jacksonville colleges (EWC, FSCJ, JU, UNF) for student financial aid and services.
  • Over $2.3 Billion in FEMA funding will help provide more vaccine access to more Floridians, more quickly.


The Democratic Executive Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party in Duval County. The committee works daily to build a strong and sustainable Democratic Party in Jacksonville. With more than 274,000 registered Democrats in the county, the DEC is responsible for handling local Florida Democratic Party affairs.