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Our Democratic Nominees

Choosing the right candidate to vote for can be very difficult. That’s why we’ve created this Candidate Portal for voters to learn more about our recommended Democratic candidates on the ballot. Each of our Democratic candidates are fighting to make Jacksonville healthy, prosperous, and safe!

Democrats are running to expand & improve healthcare access, deliver high-paying jobs and lower costs, end gun violence in our communities, and support our public schools & educators. On Tuesday, May 16th, Duval County voters will go to the polls to vote on several vital races: Mayor, Property Appraiser, and City Council. Use our guide below to make the right choices.

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Mayor: Donna Deegan

Mayor: Hon. Audrey Gibson

Property Appraiser: Hon. Joyce Morgan

At-Large, Group 2: Joshua Hicks

At-Large, Group 5: Charles Garrison

At-Large, Group 5: Nahshon Nicks

City Council, District 1: Alton McGriff

City Council, District 7: Jimmy Peluso

City Council, District 7: John Phillips

City Council, District 7: Kim Pryor

City Council, District 8: Hon. Reggie Gaffney, Jr.

City Council, District 8: Tameka Gaines Holly

City Council, District 8: Solomon Olopade

City Council, District 9: Shanna Carter

City Council, District 9: Hon. Tyrona Clark-Murray (i)

City Council, District 9: Celestine Mills

City Council, District 9: TaNita Noisette-Woods

City Council, District 9: Kamren Stowers

City Council, District 10: Keshan Gainey Chambliss

City Council, District 10: Vanessa Cullins Hopkins

City Council, District 10: Kim Stephen Perry

City Council, District 10: Hon. Ju’Coby Pittman

City Council, District 11: Ramon Day

City Council, District 12: Johnny “JC” Causey

City Council, District 12: Tammyette Thomas

City Council, District 13: Mike Finn (write-in)

City Council, District 14: Hon. Rahman Johnson


You register or update your voter registration online! You can apply to register to vote at any time. However, you must be registered in the state by the book closing date to vote in an election. The registration deadline for the May 16th Runoff Election is April 17th. Updating your registration to change your name, address, and signature is NOT limited by the book closing deadline.


It’s always important to have a voting backup plan. With important November Election, it’s comforting to receive your ballot at home, even if you still want to early vote or vote on election day. Sign up right now by clicking on the link below – it’ll take you directly to the Duval Supervisor of Elections page. Signing up takes less than five minutes! Or you can call the Supervisor of Elections’ office: 904-255-3434 and handle the request over the phone.


Requesting and Returning your Vote-by-Mail Ballot

All requests for a vote-by-mail ballot must be made no later than 5pm on the 10th day before an election. You can still pick up a vote-by-mail ballot from the Supervisor of Elections up until, or including Election Day.

Vote-by-mail ballots must be received by the Duval County Supervisor of Elections no later than 7pm on Election Day in order to be counted. Ballots can be returned by mail, in person, or at a secure drop box. It’s important to follow all instructions on a vote-by mail ballot to make sure it is counted. You can correct a missing or mismatched signature on your vote-by-mail ballot.

Note: You must renew your mail voting application and submit a form of identification every two years.

How to Vote in Person if Vote-by-Mail Ballot was Requested

A voter who has requested a ballot may still vote in person. The voter should bring the ballot (marked or unmarked) to the polls to turn the ballot in and vote a regular ballot. If the voter does not bring the ballot to the polls for whatever reason, the Duval County Supervisor of Elections’ office will need to confirm that the ballot has not already been returned and received. If the ballot has not been received, the voter will be allowed to vote on a regular ballot. If the ballot has been received, the ballot is deemed cast and the voter has voted. If the voter believes the office is incorrect for whatever reason, the voter is allowed to vote a provisional ballot.



The precinct is an administrative designation establishing the geographic boundaries of the smallest voting district. All voters in a given precinct vote at the same location on Election Day, using the same ballot—same candidates, same ballot questions.


Anyone registered to vote in the State of Florida and living in Duval County may vote at any early voting site during early voting. Early Voting will be held from March 6th – March 19th. Secure drop boxes are also available inside each early voting location.

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Important 2023 Election Dates


The Florida Democratic Party is working every day to ensure every eligible Floridian has the opportunity to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted. Because all politics is local, our county voter protection teams work to protect the vote in their respective communities. Through the Voter Protection Assistance Hotline, we answer questions from voters and prospective electors from all 67 counties in English, Spanish, or Haitian Creole.

Need Assistance, call the Voter Assistance Hotline at (833) VOTE-FLA or (833) 868-3352