Quick Picks

Our voices are changing minds and policies. Now it’s time to change our leaders. This democracy will work for us on our terms. Don’t let Trump fool you. Your vote — in person and by mail — counts. Keep Going. Keep Winning. Vote for our all our Democratic candidates!

  • President & Vice President: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris: joebiden.com
  • US House District 4: Donna Deegan: donnadeeganforcongress.com
  • US House District 5: Al Lawson: allawson.com
  • Duval Clerk of Courts: Jimmy Midyette: jimmyforclerk.com/
  • City Council District 4: Nicole Hamm: nicolehamm.com/
  • Florida House District 11: Joshua Hicks: votejoshuahicks.com
  • Florida House District 12: Emmanuel Blimieflemmanuel.com
  • Florida House District 13: Tracie Davis (won election during the August Primary)
  • Florida House District 14: Angie Nixon (won election during the August Primary)
  • Florida House District 15: Tammyette Thomas: tthomasflhouse.com
  • Florida House District 16: Ben Marcus: voteBenMarcus.com
  • Soil & Water Conservation, Group 2: Matt Reimer: votemattreimer.square.site/
  • Soil & Water Conservation, Group 4: Ashantae Green: agreenduval.com/
  • District Court of Appeals & Justice of the Supreme Court: Political parties are prohibited from advocating for judicial candidates.

  • Amendment 1: No Position
    • Brief summary: Replaces one word of the Florida Constitution. Current wording states that “every” citizen of the United States... shall be qualified to vote. This amendment proposes substituting “every” with “only a”....This change would have no functional or financial impact on the state.
  • Amendment 2: Vote Yes
    • Brief summary: Establishes incremental increases to Florida’s minimum-wage starting on Sept. 30, 2021, raising the minimum wage from $8.56/hr to $10/hr. Wages would then increase annually by $1/hr on Sept. 30 until reaching $15/hr by 2026. Later increases would be pegged to the annual rate of inflation. The Florida Democratic Party urges the voters of Florida to gradually raise Florida’s minimum wage and VOTE FOR AMENDMENT 2;
  • Amendment 3: Vote No
    • Brief summary: Replaces closed primary partisan elections - for Governor, State Cabinet, and Legislature - with a single primary in which all voters could vote, regardless of party affiliation, and all candidates would run on a single primary ballot, regardless of their party affiliation. The top two vote-getters would move on to the general election. The Florida Democratic Party, Florida State Conference of NAACP, Florida Legislative Black Caucus, AFL-CIO, and League of Woman Voters are opposed to Amendment 3 due to it's negative effect on the ability of candidates of color to be elected. 
  • Amendment 4: Vote No
    • Brief summary: Requires that all proposed amendments (and revisions) to the Florida Constitution be voted on and approved by 60% (a supermajority) of voters in TWO consecutive general elections in order to pass. Currently, an amendment becomes part of the constitution if it reaches 60% approval in ONE general election. The Florida Democratic Party urges the voters of Florida to protect the power it has to overrule career politicians and big-money special interests and to VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT 4;
  • Amendment 5: No Position
    • Brief summary: Increase from 2 years to 3 years the period of time homeowners have to transfer their Save Our Homes benefits from a prior home to a new home. The difference between a home’s adjusted value and the appraised value is the Save Our Home benefit. Currently, if a person moves to a new home, they have two years to transfer this benefit to their new home.
  • Amendment 6: No Position
    • Brief summary: Allows a homestead property tax discount to carry over to the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran with permanent combat-related disabilities. This discount would take effect on January 1, 2021, and remain in effect until the spouse remarries, sells, or disposes of the property except under certain conditions.
  • Half-Penny Sales Tax: Vote Yes
    • The Duval County Democratic Party urges voters to VOTE FOR the 1/2 sales tax referendum to help support school construction;
  • JEA Referendum: Vote Yes
    • The Duval County Democratic Party urges voters to VOTE FOR the JEA referendum to ensure the independence of the JEA board of directors and give the city council the ability to appoint half the board members.


When people look back and say, what did you do in 2020? In the middle of a pandemic and mass protests against racism and inequality. And we can say we marched. We had tough conversations. We wore masks. We ran for office. We voted. Make a voting plan today using the three options below!

1. How to Register to Vote

Registering to vote is easy. The deadline to vote in the November General Election is October 5th!

You are eligible to register if you are a citizen over 18 and a legal resident of Florida. You can pre-register after your 16th birthday—and receive your voter registration card in the mail as your “birthday present” when you turn 18.

Click here for detailed instructions.

You can now register online at www.RegistertoVoteFlorida.gov

2. How to Vote by Mail & Track your Ballot

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, we see how important it is to have a voting back-up plan. With two important elections this year (November 3rd), it's comforting to receive your ballot at home, even if you still want to early vote or vote on election day.

Sign up right now by clicking on the link below - it'll take you directly to the Duval Supervisor of Elections page. Signing up takes less than five minutes!

Or you can call the Supervisor of Elections’ office: 904-630-1414 and handle the request over the phone.

Once your signed up, you can also track our ballot from mailing to delivery. Visit the link below to track the status of your ballot.

Click Here to Track the Status of your Vote-by-Mail ballot

3. Find your Early Vote Location

Early Voting starts Monday, October 19th thru Sunday, November 1st. 

Location Hours: M-F 7:00am - 7:00pm | Sat-Sun 7:00am - 7:00pm

If you want to find your nearest early vote location, click here for a link to the Supervisor of Elections’ website.