Call to Action

The Republican National Convention is setting up to be an epic disaster for our community.

The coronavirus is spreading. They don’t have a plan. The Republican sheriff can’t ensure our safety and our local medical community doesn’t want it here.
We now have the power to stop the RNC from coming. The Jacksonville City Council will be voting on legislation that approves the city’s agreement with the RNC next Tuesday, July 28th. We need you to contact your city council member TODAY and tell them to vote NO. Click on the link below to send an email to all 19 Council Members.
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Here's some language you can copy and paste for an email AND use as a call script:

As a resident of Jacksonville, I’m urging you to vote against the emergency legislation that approves the city’s agreement to host the Republican National Convention. There is too much at stake for this to be rushed in one night. Your constituents deserve transparency and thoughtful review.

I also urge you to vote against this legislation all together. Our community has seen a sharp increase of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. Hundreds of local doctors agree that it’s dangerous to have an event of this size right now, especially as schools are reopening.

We can no longer have the RNC here knowing it will spread coronavirus, create security risks, and cost taxpayers millions. Please vote NO! Thank you.

The draft legislation we received includes everything from setting security perimeters and free speech zones to giving the Mayor permission to sign the RNC contract and accept a security grant from the Department of Justice.

They’re trying to push this legislation through as an emergency, but one day is not enough time for the thoughtful review and transparency our residents deserve.

Tell your city council member to vote NO on the emergency vote, and NO on this legislation altogether. We can’t have the RNC here knowing it will spread the coronavirus, create security risks, and cost taxpayers millions.

This is our last chance to stop the Republican National Convention once and for all. Thank you for doing your part to save our community.

If you’re curious, you can review the draft legislation

After you’ve sent an email, call your city councilmember too! Below you'll find the phone numbers for all 19-Council Members.

Joyce Morgan: District 1, (904) 255-5201
Al Ferraro: District 2, (904) 255-5202
Aaron Bowman: District 3, (904) 255-5203
Scott Wilson: District 4, (904) 255-5204
LeAnna Cumber: District 5, (904) 255-5205
Michael Boylan: District 6, (904) 255-5206
Reggie Gaffney: District 7, (904) 255-5207
Ju'Coby Pittman: District 8, (904) 255-5208
Garrett Dennis: District 9, (904) 255-5209
Brenda Priestly Jackson: District 10, (904) 255-5210
Danny Becton: District 11, (904) 255-5211
Randy White: District 12, (904) 255-5212
Rory Diamond: District 13, (904) 255-5213
Randy DeFoor: District 14, (904) 255-5214
Terrance Freeman: At-Large Group 1, (904) 255-5215
Ronald B. Salem: At-Large Group 2, (904) 255-5216
Tommy Hazouri: At Large Group 3, (904) 255-5217
Matt Carlucci: At-Large Group 4, (904) 255-5218
Sam Newby: At-Large Group 5, (904) 255-5219