Standing Committees

Much of the work of our DEC is accomplished through standing and special committees, each charged with specific responsibilities. Working towards the common goal of putting forward Democrat values and getting Democrats elected. Please see the list of committees below. Note that additional committees will be added in the future.

Central Committee

Areas of Responsibility: Functions as the DEC’s board of directors.

Chair: Daniel Henry 

Credentials Committee

Area of Responsibility: Verifying credentials of candidates for DEC membership and for maintaining permanent membership records.  Additionally, the Membership Committee determines how many members (or their proxies) were present at each DEC meeting.

Chair: Velma Roundsville 

Campaign Committee

Area of Responsibility: Creates a campaign plan, including a description of the processes and procedures necessary for the DCDEC to implement the plan.

Chair: Mirjam Parkinson

Field Committee

Area of Responsibility: Responsible for the DCDEC's GOTV efforts.

Chair: Lisa Peth

Vice Chair: Kim Glasgel

Budget and Finance Committee

Area of Responsibility: Prepares an annual budget to be presented to the Central Committee.

Chair: Bob Abene

Legislative Affairs Committee

Area of Responsibility: Studies and reports to the DCDEC on all legislation deemed necessary and desirable in the interest of the Democratic Party.

Chair: Ali Samiian

Rules & Bylaws Committee

Area of Responsibility: Recommending changes to the bylaws to make the DEC operate in a more effective manner.

Chair/Parliamentarian: Russell Harper