Safety, Justice, & Equity

Duval County Democrats support a strong and accessible civil justice system to defend the public and vindicate the rights of all of our citizens equally. We refuse to accept the deep, lingering foundations of unfairness in our criminal justice system and will fight to reform it through political and systematic change. We will fight to allocate more funding to mental health services, crime prevention programs, and legal aid to help those in crisis. In addition to supporting efforts to protect the vulnerable from violence, to demilitarize our police and prisons, increased background checks for firearms, and decriminalize the possession of Marijuana.



To create safer streets for all neighborhoods, Duval Democrats will:

  • Support increased funding for public defenders and legal aid clinics to ensure proper representation for working-class families;
    Directly address racial disparity across the criminal justice system and build cultural competency and respect in law enforcement;
  • Advocate for Police Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) with mental health professionals;
    Support the elimination of mandatory minimums in state statute and introduce bail reform in criminal cases;
  • Lifting the burden of mental health care from the criminal justice system into entities that are better aid residents in distress;
    Disrupt and eliminate the “school to prison pipeline”;
  • Build on community/police partnerships opportunities to bring everyone to the table;
  • Support policies and practices that train police officers to respect and protect all residents and having the resources necessary to aid residents in their moment of need;
  • Support giving residents the ability to have real oversight over the sheriff’s office charged with protecting them.