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Duval Dems Condemn Proposed City Council Maps

In response to the gerrymandered City Council map drawn for the current redistricting cycle, the Duval County Democratic Party released the following statement:


JACKSONVILLE, FL — “The Duval County Democratic Executive Committee advocates for fair redistricting in local, state, and federal district boundaries as per our party platform and as per all applicable laws. The local redistricting process and proposed city council maps reflect an unfair and gerrymandered process that we cannot endorse. The current maps further cement incumbents while sacrificing accurate representation of the Jacksonville community, dilute the Black vote by over-packing certain districts, and artificially inflate the Republican Party’s position.


“We support the independent functional analysis commissioned by local civil rights groups, showing the flawed city council process and the disregard for citizen opposition to the maps. As a party, we condemn the process as well as proposed maps and call for a more fair and equitable redistricting process going forward. We urge the Council to vote against these maps.”