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DWIN 2016 Rising Club Star of the Year Award

Luella McQueen receiving the Democratic Women Clubs of Florida 2016 Rising Club Star of the Year Award from Dr. Maureen McKenna, President

DWIN Award Winners

Marcelle Bessman (shown below) was awarded the Jackie Brown Democratic Woman Activist Award

Phillip Miner (shown below) was awarded the Ruby Shores-Maurice Generosity Award




CITY HALL SWEARING-IN FESTIVITIES, Thursday, June 25, 2015, Times-Union Center For The Performing Arts

      Democratic Party members and campaigners again turned out in numbers in support of their candidates for the Installation of Councilmembers and officers at the Jacoby Hall in the downtown auditorium. Here are a few of the special moments at the reception that followed.





Municipal Election Review20150604_183540.jpg

June 8, 2015 - Neil Henrichsen, chair of the Duval County Democratic Executive Committee, reviews the results of the municipal election and discusses plans for future elections with the Central Committee, the Duval Democratic Party's policy-making board. (Photo by Maceo George)



Below: Maceo George on Election Day shows how to become a human billboard for Democratic Party candidates.




Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant (center, front row) embraces daughter 

of an Alvin Brown re-election team member who joined dozens of other Duval

Democrats in a night of phone banking May 15, 2015 at Democratic Party headquarters.


Canvassers gather at Alvin Brown's Riverside Office on May 15.


The design for the Duval County Democratic Senior Caucus logo and a promotional sign

was unveiled at the April 2015 meeting by Senior Caucus President Toni Alfred, right,

and the designer, Maceo George, a Senior Caucus member.



Mayor Brown is surrounded by supporters as he enters the auditorium at Jacksonville University for a debate May 14. A lone fan of his opponent got lost in a sea of enthusiastic Alvin Brown sign waivers.