Our Team

District Leaders:

District Chairs are the lead organizers of their respective council districts. They play a pivotal role in motivating, assisting, and supporting Precinct Committee Persons within their districts.

Deborah Brill

District 1 Chair

Speed Chialtas

District 2 Chair

Myra Rubinstein

District 3 Chair

Pam Joyner

District 5 Chair

Kim Glasgal

District 6 Chair

Ingrid Montgomery

District 7 Chair

Patrice Montague

District 8 Chair

Sam Coodley

District 9 Chair

Gill Bush

District 10 Chair

Nekinia Wright

District 11 Chair

Ethan Tejedor

District 12 Chair

Michael Finn

District 13 Chair

Heather Dixon and Doug Henning

District 14 Co-Chairs