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👎 NO to J-1 BILL đŸ«

👎 no to j 1 bill đŸ«

UPDATE: Senator Audrey Gibson and Representative Tracie Daivs are now on record as opposing J-1 bill!

senator audrey gibson and representative tracie daivs are now on record as opposing j 1 bill

But we still haven’t heard anything from Representatives Byrd (R), Daniels (D), Yarborough (R) 


The J-Bill introduced by Representative Jason Fischer would call for a voter referendum to make the Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools elected instead of being appointed by the elected Duval County School Board. Duval Dems oppose Fischer’s J-1 bill. We view any elected Superintendent would be beholden to special interests and campaign donors, instead of the students of Duval County Public Schools.
Duval County Legislative Delegation Meeting
Date: Friday, November 1st | 1:00PM-5:00PM

Location: Jacksonville City Hall (117 W Duval St)
Click Here to RSVP

Before Friday’s meeting, here’s what we need you to do
  • Make calls or send emails/letters to key members of the Duval Legislative Delegation; 
  • For script, letter or email content click HERE;
  • Join Duval Dems and attend the delegation meeting on November 1st.
Senator Aaron Bean (R)
(904) 757-5039

Senator Audrey Gibson (D)
(904) 359-2553

Representative Cord Byrd (R)
Phone: (904) 242-3495
Representative Clay Yarborough (R)
Phone: (904) 723-5300

Representative Tracie Davis (D)
Phone: (904) 353-2180

Representative Kim Daniels (D)
(904) 353-2134

Representative Jason Fischer (R)
District Office: (904) 359-2653