Michael Finn, Candidate for Treasurer

Candidate Statement:

Fellow Democrats,

I take this time today to declare myself as a candidate for the position of Treasurer of the Duval County Democratic Party. I have taken much time and put much thought into this decision. I joined the Democratic Party upon arriving in Jacksonville back in 2007. Like many people, I was an active voter but never considered actively being a part of the party. 2016 changed all of that. In January of 2017, I attended a meeting about what the Democratic Party does and how it works, held out at the Neptune Beach Library. That night I applied to fill the empty PCP seat in Precinct 1309.

I came into the party organization wanting to help. My training, skills, and experience are all directed towards organizing, planning and executing those plans to create order out of chaos. I joined the Budget Committee and attended my first couple of general meetings. Well, in the past year, we have had our own share of turmoil. I felt I needed to do more. Earlier this year, my fellow PCPs elected me as chair of district 13. Most of the district's PCP are veterans, so I feel honored by their trust, and strive to earn their respect.

Leadership changes always occur in any organization. With multiple officers stepping down to aid a campaign, or run themselves for higher office, I grew concerned. This year we need stability. I believe I could help create that stability. I talked with my wife and after much contemplation decided that I should run for treasurer. My skills and experience are suited for the detail and planning that the position of treasurer needs.

In closing, now is our time to shine. While many will take a negative view of the current administration and the political climate, I believe we must be positive, and show how we can help all Americans. We need to find strong candidates, develop platforms and messages that actually help people, and be a visible symbol of that to the people. I ask for your vote for Treasurer so I can help make our party stronger in Duval!

Michael Finn
District 13 Chair
PCP 1309


I am 52 years old, and a third generation American. Two of my grandparents fled Europe after World War I. While I do not think about myself as an immigrant, in this current political climate I am reminded daily that people today fleeing war, chaos, and strife of all kinds are no different than my grandparents.

My wife and I moved to Jacksonville in 2007 when she took a position at a local hospital. We are from the Midwest, Columbia, Missouri, having met there while getting our degrees from the University of Missouri. Over the last two decades, we have made the long journey here via Rochester, MN, and Durham, NC. I am a computer engineer and my wife a doctor of clinical microbiology. As an engineer, I tend to be cautious in my approach to things, but always looking at all options to get a job done.