Duval County has over 240,000 registered Democrats.  Of that number, over 200 are elected/selected members of the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC), the governing body for the Duval County Democratic Party. In accordance with DEC bylaws, members of the DEC elect the leadership team. 

Elected Officers Include

Appointed Officers Include:

For campaign and organization coordination purposes, the county is divided into 14 City Council districts. 

Precinct Members of each City Council District elect a District Chair who is responsible for organizing, activating, and empowering individuals focused on Democratic issues and causes.


District 2 Chair: Leanna Pearce

District 3 Chair: Sharon Sweet

District 4 Chair: Ali Samiian

District 6 Chair: Kim Glasgel

District 6 Rep: Mirjam Parkinson

District 7 Chair: James Eddy

District 8 Chair: Patrice Dukes

District 8 Rep: Luella McQueen

District 9 Chair: Kathy Finn

District 9 Rep: Dan Merkan

District 10 Chair: James Morton

District 11 Chair: Jennifer Cowart

District 11 Rep: Abigayil Yisrael

District 13 Chair: Michael Finn

District 13 Rep: Charles Kohn

District 14 Chair: Cathy Heffernan

District 14 Rep: Susan McCullough