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Duval Dems Support the Creation of Special Investigatory Committee

Duval Dems Support the Creation of Special Investigatory Committee


jea specialcommitteeCommittee will investigate the failed attempted sale of JEA


“Duval Dems stand in support Council President Scott Wilson’s decision to appoint a Special Investigatory Committee to look into the failed attempted sale of JEA. Ratepayers deserve to learn the truth about JEA’s secretive sales talks, its illegal performance incentive plan, and the outside players who pushed the sale.


For two years we’ve continued to state our unequivocal opposition to a proposed sale and now it is our hope this new special committee will uncover what lies beneath this debacle. 


Our very own Councilwoman Brenda Priestly Jackson will be a member of the committee and will bring her long and consistent advocacy to protect one of our city’s greatest public assets. We look forward to an open and transparent committee process and the results of their investigation.”