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Duval Dems Welcome the Federal Indictment of Former JEA Executives

In response to the federal indictment of former JEA executives Aaron Zahn and Ryan Wannemacher, Duval County Democratic Party released the following statement:

JACKSONVILLE, FL — “The Duval County Democratic Party welcomes the indictment of former JEA executives, Aaron Zahn and Ryan Wannemacher. From the start of this debacle, we have never wavered in our opposition to the potential sale of JEA and have called for a criminal investigation. We are glad federal prosecutors have brought to light the fraudulent attempt at plundering our public utility.

“While federal prosecutors have taken the first steps in holding some of the architects of this debacle to account, we cannot forget Mayor Curry’s culpability in this scandal. The Mayor’s administration holds responsibility for appointing, promoting and vouching for their now federally indicted partners to the JEA executive suite.

“Nor can we forget that a non-profit controlled by prospective mayoral candidate Daniel Davis paid $325,000 to sell the sham deal, or that Tim Baker, the consultant employed by nearly every local GOP campaign, was intimately involved in crafting the messaging surrounding the sale.

“Duval County residents deserve to know every officials’ actions in this corruption, no matter their office or position. The attempted sale and plundering of JEA violated the public trust and anyone else involved in this scandal must be held accountable for their role. Jacksonville deserves better than leaders cashing in on the public dime.”

“Zahn, Wannemacher, and others orchestrated the single largest attempted fraud in Jacksonville’s consolidated history. Information on those who coordinated with or whose complacency aided the potential sale of our city’s largest public asset must be released. There are far too many ties to local Republican leaders to be ignored. We deserve answers.”