James Eddy, Candidate for First Vice Chair

Candidate Statement:

My name is James Eddy and I want to represent you as your First Vice Chair of the Duval Democrats. I want to get this blue wave moving to get true blue democrats elected. It is time for our party to stand up for issues, not just stand behind you if you have a D by your name on the ballot. We must stand up for EQUALITY for ALL. Even when a member needs to be put in check, we do it. We may not agree on every issue, but on the main platform of the party we must be one.

I had to really dig deep if I was up to this job. Why I say that is our leadership are a target,not just from the Republicans but within our own party. I applaud anyone that runs for office. I myself ran for City Council. So I know the ends and out what it takes to run from all angles. We as a party are here to help every democrat have a fair playing field as best we can.

I hope I have shown you the members of the party my dedication to our party. Besides the committees I serve one. If you not seen the little Blue Yaris with YOUR VOTE MATTERS that is my car. Since we do not have an office and do not want to spend $100 plus a month. I am storing the parties supplies at my house. This is how much I believe in this party. I am a member of club Dem,because I believe in our party. I am Chair of District 7 because, I believe in our party.

I am asking not just for your vote , but for your backing to help work together to keep this blue wave moving. But to help that happen I do ask you to believe in me to give me your vote and your voice. Lets turn Duval Blue as a TEAM.


Currently Chair of District 7
Committee currently siting on:
By laws Committee
Campaign Committee
Office Space research committee

Ran as a candidate for City Council District 7 in 2015

Currently serving on:
(AMP) AIDS Memorial Project Advisory Board

Panama Park Community Association

Past President
Rainbow House Community Center (also co-Founder)
Holiday Helpers - an HIV/AIDS organization

Have been on the board of:

Jacksonville Coalition of Equality
River City Pride

Active in or member of:
PFLAG Jacksonville