The May 14th runoff election is a critical one for Duval County and early voting starts April 29th. Make an impact!. VOTE for Democrats to:

🚫 Fight crime head-on with more intervention to solve the symptoms of crime
🌞 JEA is Ours, let's keep it that way
💪 Improved quality of life through infrastructure improvements, addressing environmental issues, encouraging diversity, and inclusion
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Government policy that puts people first.

1. Find your Precinct

Make sure you're registered, check your status!

The precinct is an administrative designation establishing the geographic boundaries of the smallest voting district. 

All voters in a given precinct vote at the same location on Election Day, using the same ballot—same candidates, same ballot questions.

If you want to find your precinct (and therefore where you vote), click here for a link to the Supervisor of Elections’ website

2. How to Register to Vote

Registering to vote is easy.

You are eligible to register if you are a citizen over 18 and a legal resident of Florida. You can pre-register after your 16th birthday—and receive your voter registration card in the mail as your “birthday present” when you turn 18.

Click here for detailed instructions.

You can now register online at

3. How to Vote by Mail

Voting by Mail is the easiest way to vote—it allows you to vote from the privacy of your own home.  And once you have completed your ballot, you can either mail it back to the Supervisor of Elections’ office or ask one of our Democratic volunteers to deliver it for you.

If you want your Vote by Mail ballot mailed to your registration address, you can fill out the application online

Or you can call the Supervisor of Elections’ office: 904-630-1414 and handle the request over the phone.