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BOUGHT AND PAID FOR: Terrance Freeman and Randy DeFoor Sell Out to Lenny Curry

In Tweets, Freeman and DeFoor Will Be Complicit in Curry’s Culture of Intimidation and Corruption


Berkman Deal Debacle Has Made Clear The Critical Need for Independent Oversight on City Council


Lenny Curry’s administration is beset by scandal, the stench of the Berkman deal debacle, and a hyper-politicized culture of intimidation.


And that’s just the way City Council candidates Terrance Freeman and Randy DeFoor like it.


In Jacksonville’s version of the corrupt bargain, the mayor tweeted pictures of himself with Freeman and DeFoor in front of City Hall and said he was giving them “campaign resources.” The tweets make clear that Freeman and DeFoor are bought and paid for by the Curry machine — and that both candidates are comfortable with the way the mayor’s record of scandal and incompetence.


“The Berkman deal debacle has made clear the critical need for a City Council that is unafraid to stand up to Mayor Curry, provide strong oversight of this administration, and protect taxpayer money. Terrance Freeman and Randy DeFoor this week made clear that they are simply running to be two yes votes for the Mayor and his ethically challenged administration. Now more than ever we need City Council members who are unbought and unbossed by the corrupt Curry machine,” said Duval County Democratic Party Chair Daniel Henry.

terrance freeman and randy defoor sell out to lenny curry

The tweets come just two days after the Jacksonville Times-Union reported that Curry’s Chief of Staff Brian Hughes allegedly threatened to retaliate against Republican City Councilman Matt Schellenberg for speaking out against the Berkman deal debacle. Earlier, Schellenberg was threatened by Hughes for expressing disappointment that the Curry administration had failed to uncover “$11 million in financial judgments” against the main investor behind a project backed by the administration.