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2024-2028 DEC Term



The Duval County Democratic Party is powered by hundreds of  Democrats committed to changing our county. The way we win is by organizing. The place we start is right here. That’s why we’re proud to announce the qualifying period for new Precinct Committee Person terms is finally here.


If you are interested in serving as a DEC Member for the Dec 2024 through Nov 2028 term, it is important to continue reading. Democrats interested in serving as a PCP for the next term, must fill out a Candidate Oath and have it notarized. To help in that process, we’ll have the oath and notaries available at several DEC events throughout the month for your use.


If you want to get your oath notarized on our own, that’s ok! Once it’s filled out and notarized, please submit it to us via email at

Why is This Important?


The Presidential Election years are organizational years for county executive committees. This means all of our current DEC members’ terms expire on November 30, 2024, and our DEC will have an Organizational Meeting in December 2024 to elect officers and swear-in members.


Only those who file a Candidate Oath during the qualifying period AND win the August Primary Election will be eligible to vote for DEC officers at our DEC’s December Organizational Meeting. If you have no competition within your precinct, you will win automatically.