Elections & Voting Rights

Duval County Democrats believe that a healthy democracy is based on free and fair elections, with all eligible voters able to participate. We advocate for a common-sense approach to safeguarding our elections, putting voters first, and removing barriers for working families. By making voting more accessible, our democracy will better serve all Floridians and our laws will better reflect the will of the people. Every eligible Floridian deserves to have their vote counted.


We will never stop fighting the suppression of the vote and will work to reform an electoral system that is accessible, open, and fair — a system that ensures that every eligible person can cast a vote and that every lawfully cast vote is counted.


To promote open and free elections, Duval Democrats will:


  • Advocate for universal access to vote-by-mail ballots for all voters;
  • Support access of all voters to early voting sites, with hours convenient to working families;
  • Encourage the use of drop boxes in all elections and for 24/7 access across the county for votes to return their mail-ballots;
  • Support universal voter registration, available to all citizens, and allowing voters to register to vote before an election and on Election Day;
  • Support the full implementation of Amendment 4 — restoring the right of returning citizens regaining their right to vote, and ensuring voting eligibility not be denied because of any debt or legal financial obligations;
  • Advocate for fair redistricting in local, state, and federal district boundaries;
  • Support moving local elections from off-years to gubernatorial or presidential election years;
  • Encourage voter awareness of local and state issues via an independent, free, and local press corp.