Economic Equity

Duval County Democrats believe in a robust economy and business climate that creates jobs and invests in people to fulfill the promise of the American Dream. Work provides a sense of dignity and prosperity as we contribute to both our individual and shared collective growth. We aim to build a local economy that generates healthy communities and businesses, in which all Duval residents have opportunities to thrive and prosper. One that lives up to social mobility and draws vibrant new residents to Duval County. 
To grow jobs and assure a prosperous future for all Duval residents, Duval Democrats will:
  • Secure jobs with Better wages and benefits that offer a living wage that keeps up with the cost of living; and provides for equal pay for equal work;
  • Fight for Paid Maternal and Paternal Leave for working families and the middle class;
  • Advocate for Affordable and Safe Housing for all Duval residents and promote policies that acknowledge decades of urban sprawl. These policies will encourage new opportunities for housing where development exists;
  • Provide for equitable access to affordable high-speed internet and expand broadband/fiber lines to urban and rural neighborhoods;
  • Encourage investment in Mass transit transportation that will support the county’s growth through the 21st century and beyond, including rail, biking, pedestrian, and electric vehicle infrastructure;
  • Work to preserve and make more transparent opportunities in City Contracting for small businesses, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses. These policies will encourage using new tax revenue to provide for equitable distribution contract awards;
  • Address critical Unemployment reform to fix the broken application process, while increasing benefits to provide for greater financial stability;
  • Support creating and maintaining public and private partnerships to address poverty, including wrap-around services to achieve self-sufficiency, ending food deserts to stop chronic hunger, and expand emergency food networks;
  • Encourage public infrastructure investment in new libraries, parks, community centers, road lighting, sidewalks, bike lanes, trails (emerald trail), septic tank removal, drainage, and city water hookup;
  • Advocate for the expansion of solar and renewable energy sources, leveraging JEA policies and investments for benefit of all residents;
  • Provide for house repairs and weatherizing assistance for indigent residents;
  • Continue to encourage the sustainable growth of small businesses, through expansion of mentorship, workforce development, microloan programs, and capital to launch and expand job-creating businesses;
  • Support and fund continual education and career training programs to meet the manpower needs of Duval’s changing economy;
  • Encourage financial and banking systems that help all people build security and stability, including overcoming barriers to generation wealth;
  • Advocate for stronger consumer protection laws, with adequate governmental enforcement;
  • Support those suffering through homelessness with programs that provide dignity and respect, including direct shelter, job placement, and necessary mental health services;
  • Work to ensure access to high-quality, affordable childcare, preschool, and strong, afterschool, summer programs;
  • Advocate for quality living conditions for all seniors to live with dignity and afford the necessities of life: housing, food, health care, and a respectable standard of living.