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Duval Dems Respond to Duval GOP Chair’s “dog whistle” comments

In response to Duval GOP Chair Dean Black’s inappropriate comments, following the results of the Special City Council Election, the Duval County Democratic Party released the following statement:

Jacksonville, FL — “We are alarmed by the recent “dog whistle” comments made by Duval GOP Chair Dean Black. In the age of Trump, the GOP has become infamous for using these subtle messages to awaken the worst amongst us. Now they seek to do it again.

“Duval Democrats recognize these comments for what they are, a bigoted, misogynistic, and demeaning attack from a weakened party, grasping to silence a strong and qualified female candidate that threatens their grip on power.

“Over 50.7% of voters voted for a Democrat. Making clear they wanted transparent change over fear and resentment. We will continue to fight against these GOP tactics to ensure a positive change for Jacksonville in February’s runoff election.”