District Leaders

For campaign and organization coordination purposes, the county is divided into 14 City Council districts. 

The District Chairs & Representatives are responsible for organizing Precinct Committee People and workers to help serve our most important mission of the Duval Democratic Party: to activate, organize and empower individuals focused on Democratic issues and causes, improve the public's understanding of the Democratic Party platform.

Find Your Precinct

District 2

Chair/Rep: Leanna Pearce

District 3

Chair/Rep: Sharon Sweet

District 4

Chair/Rep: Ali Samiian

District 6

Chair: Kim Glasgel

Rep: Mirjam Parkinson

District 7

Chair/Rep: James Eddy

District 8

Chair: Patrice Dukes

Rep: Luella McQueen

District 9

Chair: Kathy Finn

Rep: Dan Merkan

District 10

Chair/Rep: James Morton

District 11

Chair: Jennifer Cowart

Rep: Abigayil Yisrael

District 13

Chair: Michael Finn

Rep: Charles Kohn

District 14

Chair: Cathy Heffernan

Rep: Susan McCullough