Daniel Henry, Candidate for First Vice Chair

Candidate Statement:

↠ Why I got into this race ↞

When I announced my candidacy for DEC First Vice Chair a month ago, many people asked me why I got in this race. My answer was simple - "I've never been afraid of a challenge". I got in this race because our leadership, which includes me, needs to live up to the promises we made over a year ago. We promised a party that values its membership from the bottom up, innovative ideas using new technology to reach untouched Democrats, building a connection between the community and politics for bringing change, and raising the expectations people hold of our party.

For the past year I have had the honor of serving as your elected Secretary and together we have experienced both successes and challenges that have tested us as a party. But we have overcome those obstacles and become a party that is united, stronger, and more driven than ever to win in this important election year.

From the beginning of his life, my parents, both immigrants themselves, taught me that everyone has a role to play in our democracy. Participating for them was taking me along with them to vote in every single local, state, and federal election I can remember. So, I can safely say that I've been a Democratic super voter since the age of six and proud of it.

I'm a Democrat because this party stands for immigrants, for working families, and for a better American experience for all people. It understands both the troubles of the past and works towards the promise of a better future. The enduring belief that all people are what makes this a great country are the values that my parents instilled in me at a young age and what lives with me today. That's why I'm a Democrat, and that’s why I work the long hours to live up to the vision of what this party can and will be.

As your Secretary, I've worked closely with all of our recent Chairs to achieve many successes for the DEC. They include:

  • Streamlining our internal operations;
  • Organizing, communicating, and running canvasses;
  • Organizing January's Resurgence event, the DEC’s largest event in two-years with over 200+ attendees;
  • Lead the Duval delegation to the Florida Democratic Party Convention;
  • Helping coordinate the Secretary Castro fundraiser that raised over $8,000;
  • Build relationships with our local elected Democrats to drive a united message;
  • Representing the party at major events locally and across the state.

These successes weren’t easy, nor did they fit perfectly in my job description as Secretary. But I've never been one to do what’s easy, I do you what’s hard and I live up to my promises. If you elect me as your First Vice Chair, I intend to live up to the vision, innovation, connection, and expectations we as leadership promised you.


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James Eddy, Candidate for First Vice Chair

Candidate Statement:

My name is James Eddy and I want to represent you as your First Vice Chair of the Duval Democrats. I want to get this blue wave moving to get true blue democrats elected. It is time for our party to stand up for issues, not just stand behind you if you have a D by your name on the ballot. We must stand up for EQUALITY for ALL. Even when a member needs to be put in check, we do it. We may not agree on every issue, but on the main platform of the party we must be one.

I had to really dig deep if I was up to this job. Why I say that is our leadership are a target,not just from the Republicans but within our own party. I applaud anyone that runs for office. I myself ran for City Council. So I know the ends and out what it takes to run from all angles. We as a party are here to help every democrat have a fair playing field as best we can.

I hope I have shown you the members of the party my dedication to our party. Besides the committees I serve one. If you not seen the little Blue Yaris with YOUR VOTE MATTERS that is my car. Since we do not have an office and do not want to spend $100 plus a month. I am storing the parties supplies at my house. This is how much I believe in this party. I am a member of club Dem,because I believe in our party. I am Chair of District 7 because, I believe in our party.

I am asking not just for your vote , but for your backing to help work together to keep this blue wave moving. But to help that happen I do ask you to believe in me to give me your vote and your voice. Lets turn Duval Blue as a TEAM.

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Cameron McCall, Candidate for Treasurer

Candidate Statement:

Fellow Democrats,

I hope you are as excited as I am about this year’s elections. As we ramp up the primary season, there is also an opportunity to choose who will fill several roles within the Duval DEC.

My hope is that we will pick strong, energetic team members who will add value to the party during campaign season. The Blue Wave will take hard work, and already we have many dedicated volunteers out in the field. As a candidate for Treasurer, I am committed to helping our party win this year.

Accounting is my profession. This is a crucial qualification for the treasurer. We need someone to fill this role who is trained in the bookkeeping skills that are required, as well as someone who has the drive to put in the hours it will take to be effective. My past volunteer and current professional experience are what the DCDEC needs going forward into 2018 and beyond.

I have kept financial records for apartment complexes, recorded income for city venues, and helped out the financial administrator at my family’s church. I am also enrolled in a not-for-profit accounting class this summer as part of my graduate program. I have a passion for learning how to fine-tune accounting systems to help organizations with their finances.

With this background, and with the encouragement of friends from many of our caucuses, I look forward to serving as treasurer. I hope I can count on your support!


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Michael Finn, Candidate for Treasurer

Candidate Statement:

Fellow Democrats,

I take this time today to declare myself as a candidate for the position of Treasurer of the Duval County Democratic Party. I have taken much time and put much thought into this decision. I joined the Democratic Party upon arriving in Jacksonville back in 2007. Like many people, I was an active voter but never considered actively being a part of the party. 2016 changed all of that. In January of 2017, I attended a meeting about what the Democratic Party does and how it works, held out at the Neptune Beach Library. That night I applied to fill the empty PCP seat in Precinct 1309.

I came into the party organization wanting to help. My training, skills, and experience are all directed towards organizing, planning and executing those plans to create order out of chaos. I joined the Budget Committee and attended my first couple of general meetings. Well, in the past year, we have had our own share of turmoil. I felt I needed to do more. Earlier this year, my fellow PCPs elected me as chair of district 13. Most of the district's PCP are veterans, so I feel honored by their trust, and strive to earn their respect.

Leadership changes always occur in any organization. With multiple officers stepping down to aid a campaign, or run themselves for higher office, I grew concerned. This year we need stability. I believe I could help create that stability. I talked with my wife and after much contemplation decided that I should run for treasurer. My skills and experience are suited for the detail and planning that the position of treasurer needs.

In closing, now is our time to shine. While many will take a negative view of the current administration and the political climate, I believe we must be positive, and show how we can help all Americans. We need to find strong candidates, develop platforms and messages that actually help people, and be a visible symbol of that to the people. I ask for your vote for Treasurer so I can help make our party stronger in Duval!

Michael Finn
District 13 Chair
PCP 1309

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Hazel Gillis, Candidate for State Committeewoman

Candidate Statement:

Dear Fellow Democrats:

I am honored to announce my candidacy for State Committeewoman for Duval County and I would be honored and thankful to have your vote.

I am able, willing and ready to represent you. I have the experience and dedication to serve you well and have demonstrated my abilities. I have the qualities necessary to be a state committeewoman to serve you in this capacity.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo has recently appointed me to the Florida Democratic Party Legislative Liaison Committee which demonstrates the confidence that the state party has in my abilities. I am honored.

I was appointed to the 2016 Democratic Party National Convention Credential Committee. I am a dedicated and hardworking woman for our party. I will represent you well.

Thank you again, for believing in me and I ask for your vote on May 21st.

Hazel Gillis
Candidate for State Committeewoman – Duval County

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Ray Alfred, Candidate for State Committeeman

Candidate Statement: 

Dear Colleagues, once again, I have decided to run for the position of State Committeeman, and I am asking for your vote and support.

I am running to continue making a meaningful difference in our Democratic Party. I plan to help prepare our Party for the 2018 and 2020 elections. Democrats can reclaim leadership of the U.S. House of Representative and the U.S. Senate, however, it will require all of us, at the state and local levels, working together to make it happen. If elected, I will work hard as a liaison between the state and county to enhance our chances.

Again, I appreciate your vote.

Ray Alfred
Precinct Committeeman

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