Daniel Henry, Candidate for DEC Chair

Candidate Statement:

↠ Humbled & Ready to Serve ↞

I’m humbled and honored to currently serve as your Acting ChairHolding this position is a honor knowing I am the youngest Chair in our local party’s history. With my dedicated years of party leadership, I take this mantle with the same passion and drive I had from the beginning of my service - hungry to lead an amazing and dedicated group of volunteers to victory!


After being elected Secretary of the party in December 2016, Daniel became responsible for communications, outreach, and organizing DEC events. In May 2018, he was later elected to the open position of First Vice Chair and took on the party's operational responsibilities during the successful 2018 General Election.

Current/Past Civic & Political Roles:

TRUE Commission Vice Chair, Duval County Election Advisory Panel Chair, and former Jacksonville Young Democrats President