Daniel Henry, Candidate for First Vice Chair

Candidate Statement:

↠ Why I got into this race ↞

When I announced my candidacy for DEC First Vice Chair a month ago, many people asked me why I got in this race. My answer was simple - "I've never been afraid of a challenge". I got in this race because our leadership, which includes me, needs to live up to the promises we made over a year ago. We promised a party that values its membership from the bottom up, innovative ideas using new technology to reach untouched Democrats, building a connection between the community and politics for bringing change, and raising the expectations people hold of our party.

For the past year I have had the honor of serving as your elected Secretary and together we have experienced both successes and challenges that have tested us as a party. But we have overcome those obstacles and become a party that is united, stronger, and more driven than ever to win in this important election year.

From the beginning of his life, my parents, both immigrants themselves, taught me that everyone has a role to play in our democracy. Participating for them was taking me along with them to vote in every single local, state, and federal election I can remember. So, I can safely say that I've been a Democratic super voter since the age of six and proud of it.

I'm a Democrat because this party stands for immigrants, for working families, and for a better American experience for all people. It understands both the troubles of the past and works towards the promise of a better future. The enduring belief that all people are what makes this a great country are the values that my parents instilled in me at a young age and what lives with me today. That's why I'm a Democrat, and that’s why I work the long hours to live up to the vision of what this party can and will be.

As your Secretary, I've worked closely with all of our recent Chairs to achieve many successes for the DEC. They include:

  • Streamlining our internal operations;
  • Organizing, communicating, and running canvasses;
  • Organizing January's Resurgence event, the DEC’s largest event in two-years with over 200+ attendees;
  • Lead the Duval delegation to the Florida Democratic Party Convention;
  • Helping coordinate the Secretary Castro fundraiser that raised over $8,000;
  • Build relationships with our local elected Democrats to drive a united message;
  • Representing the party at major events locally and across the state.

These successes weren’t easy, nor did they fit perfectly in my job description as Secretary. But I've never been one to do what’s easy, I do you what’s hard and I live up to my promises. If you elect me as your First Vice Chair, I intend to live up to the vision, innovation, connection, and expectations we as leadership promised you.



Daniel currently serves as Secretary of the Duval Democratic Party, Commissioner on the City of Jacksonville TRUE Commission, Vice Chair of the Duval County Election Advisory Panel, a business professional, and volunteer—but the first thing his friends and family will tell you is that he’s never forgotten where he came from or what's important.

From the beginning of his life, Daniel's parents, both immigrants themselves, taught him that every citizen has a role to play in our participatory democracy.

Never expecting to run for political party office, Daniel successfully ran for Secretary of the Duval Democratic Party in late 2016 after witnessing the disappointing electoral results of that's year's Presidential Election. As Secretary, Daniel tenaciously led the effort to streamline the party's internal operations, coordinate events, and fundraisers, and represent the party at major events locally and across the state.

In his professional life, Daniel works at CSX Transportation as a Corporate Specialist in their Law Department. Primarily responsible for the corporate compliance of CSX's 100+ owned companies.

Daniel believes that the true measure of leadership is understanding that everyone you work with knows something you don't, and the best thing you can do is to learn from them. At heart, Daniel is a people person who loves working in a team like atmospheres. His biggest objective is to hone in on his problem-solving skills and deliver results.