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Daniel Henry is a native Floridian, first-generation American, and millennial leader in Jacksonville.


In 2019, Daniel was unanimously elected to a partial term as Chair of the Duval County Democratic Party, the 6th largest county party in the state. Upon his election, he broke multiple glass ceilings: becoming the youngest party chair in the state, the youngest chair in the local party’s history, and the first African-American male to be elected. He was subsequently re-elected as Chair of the Party in 2020 and 2022. Before being elected Chair, Daniel was the immediate past First Vice Chair and Secretary.

Within the Florida Democratic Party, Daniel previously served as a DNC Member during the 2020 Presidential Election, and on the state party’s Executive Committee, Central Committee, Rules & Bylaws Committee, Campaign Committee, and Judicial Council. In addition to serving in leadership roles within the party, Daniel has also held multiple roles within the Jacksonville Young Democrats, including President, Vice President, and Communications Director

Professionally, Daniel is a Legal & Procurement professional, with 10+ years of experience working for multiple Fortune 500 companies based in Jacksonville. His expertise includes corporate governance, litigation, legal analysis, contracts, and project management.