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Duval Dems Respond to Mayor Curry’s Fox News Apology Tour

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In response to Mayor Curry’s recent Fox News interview with Brian Kilmeade, Duval County Democratic Party Chair Daniel Henry released the following statement:

JACKSONVILLE, FL — “As Mayor Curry approaches his last 447 days in office, he began an apology tour for Jacksonville’s supposed shortcomings to a nationally televised audience. On several occasions in the interview, Mayor Curry sought to blame his predecessor for his own inability to invest in Jacksonville’s future and apologized for the lack of progress for our community under his leadership.


“Curry has essentially admitted that his 7 years in office have been filled with unfulfilled potential downtown and has nothing to show for it but imploded buildings left as empty lots. Plans to sell off JEA failed, and giveaways to the billionaire class fell flat due to a lack of benefit to the community. Jacksonville deserves better than a lifelong member of the good ol’ boy political class that will throw his city under the bus before accepting responsibility for his shortcomings.”