Cole Gabriel was elected the Secretary of the party in December 2022. He is a Jacksonville native and a dedicated multi-year Precinct Committee Member.

In 2022, Cole was elected President of the Jacksonville Young Democrats (JYD). Throughout his term, JYD experienced membership growth, elevated programs, heightened media attention, and advanced fieldwork to get young people active and voting. In the summer of 2022, he served as Convention Chair for the 2022 Florida Young Democrats (FYD) Convention in Jacksonville. Giving Young Dems from across the state training to support and engage the young electorate.
Within FYD, Cole has served as the Charter and Bylaws Committee Chair, Judicial Council Member, and Young Democrats of America Budget Committee Secretary.

In addition to working with Young Dems, Cole has served as District Chair for Council District 4, and on the DEC’s Central Committee and Budget Committee. As Chair of Council District 4, he has worked hard to bring Precinct Committee Members and volunteers together to engage with Democratic voters.