Cathy Heffernan

Cathy recently left retirement for the second time to work at Lutheran Social Services; however, she spent most of her career in Education, during which she engaged with learners at every level. In her positions at graduate and undergraduate postsecondary institutions, she worked with adult learners in professionally oriented programs. Before transitioning to higher education, she taught English, Spanish, and computer literacy at the K-12 level.

Cathy has overseen the design, development, delivery, and assessment of professional programs taught face-to-face and/or online. She has worked in administration at a variety of educational institutions, and she has presented at 20+ national and regional conferences. She has also collaborated with community leaders from industry and non-profit organizations.

Cathy enjoys partnering with others who share the goal of self-actualization of all people. A frequent volunteer in the community, she is eager to lend her expertise to ventures that enable her to serve others while expanding her horizons. During leisure times, Cathy and her husband, Pat, enjoy visiting members of their large families across the country. Other interests include art, literature, and history.