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Candidate Questionnaires


Choosing the right candidate to vote for can be very difficult. That’s why we’ve created our first-ever Candidate Questionnaire for local candidates. Voters will now be able to learn more about the Democratic candidates on the ballot directly from their fellow Democrats. Check out how the candidates stand up on the issues!


Remember, on Tuesday, August 23rd, Duval County voters will go to the polls to vote in several local, state, and national races. The races for Sheriff, City Council, and School Board are open to all registered voters. To win, candidates need to reach 50% + 1. If no candidates reach 50%, a runoff election will occur with the two (2) top vote-getters on Tuesday, November 8th.


Additionally, since Florida is a closed primary state, only registered Democrats can vote in the following primary races: U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Florida Senate, and Florida House of Representatives.

Candidates for Sheriff

Candidates for U.S. House of Represenatives, District 4

Candidates for State Senate, District 5

Candidates for State House of Representatives, District 13

Candidates for State House of Representatives, District 14

Candidates for City Council, District 7

Candidates for City Council, District 9