Cameron McCall, Candidate for Treasurer

Candidate Statement:

Fellow Democrats,

I hope you are as excited as I am about this year’s elections. As we ramp up the primary season, there is also an opportunity to choose who will fill several roles within the Duval DEC.

My hope is that we will pick strong, energetic team members who will add value to the party during campaign season. The Blue Wave will take hard work, and already we have many dedicated volunteers out in the field. As a candidate for Treasurer, I am committed to helping our party win this year.

Accounting is my profession. This is a crucial qualification for the treasurer. We need someone to fill this role who is trained in the bookkeeping skills that are required, as well as someone who has the drive to put in the hours it will take to be effective. My past volunteer and current professional experience are what the DCDEC needs going forward into 2018 and beyond.

I have kept financial records for apartment complexes, recorded income for city venues, and helped out the financial administrator at my family’s church. I am also enrolled in a not-for-profit accounting class this summer as part of my graduate program. I have a passion for learning how to fine-tune accounting systems to help organizations with their finances.

With this background, and with the encouragement of friends from many of our caucuses, I look forward to serving as treasurer. I hope I can count on your support!



I am a professional accountant in the process of fulfilling the requirements for a CPA license. I study in the Master of Accountancy program at UNF, where I am currently enrolled in a not-for-profit course.

My job is financial accounting for a real estate portfolio. This role involves bank reconciliation, general ledger auditing, monthly accruals, and producing financial statements. My previous positions include receivables specialist for the Times-Union Center and Prime Osborn Convention Center, as well as bookkeeping assistant to Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church.

In politics, I am an active member of Jacksonville Young Democrats and the Stonewall Caucus of Duval.