Black Caucus

Our purpose is to stimulate a participating interest in public affairs that will foster better and more representative government and to promote the principles of the Democratic Party. The Caucus is established under the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida which is an integral part of the Florida Democratic party’s infrastructure, which unites talent and opportunity to facilitate voter participation and turnout and building voter capacity and election success through educational forums Effecting Voter Registration Drives (EVRD), Get Out the Vote (GOTV), Voter Action Network (VAN), Vote by Mail (VBM), and support of qualified candidates approved by the Black Caucus.

The Duval County Chapter of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida is open to all registered Democrats in Florida who support the objectives of the State Caucus. Membership in this Caucus is available without regard to race, color, creed, age, gender, national origin, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

Statement on Violence in Charlottesville, VA: (click here)

Statement on Confederate Symbols in Jacksonville Public Places: (click here)


President: Michael McDowell

Vice-President: Hazel Gillis

Secretary: Sharon Sweet

Treasurer: James J. Morton

(Officers are (left to right): Hazel Gillis, Vice President; Michael McDowell, President and Sharon Sweet, Secretary. Not pictured is Treasurer, James J. Morton.)

We meet at 6 pm, the first Tuesday each month, Highlands Branch Library, 1826 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32218.

For more information, contact Hazel Gillis at (904) 714-0089 or

We invite you to "like" us on Facebook at: Duval County Democratic Black Caucus.

Our work is done in collaboration with other Democratic Clubs, Caucuses, the Duval County Democratic Executive Committee and other appropriate political, social, civic, business and professional organizations. 

We are members of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF). For more information on DBCF, go to the State Caucus website at:

We pay both local and state dues. Local dues are $25 and state dues are $35. Seniors pay $15 state dues plus local dues. Students pay $25 total. Please note there is a $2 service fee charge when using Paypal.

There's much to be done. Join us!


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    Here you Check Pnr status live
  • Phillip Miner
    commented 2017-06-14 00:04:00 -0400
    I’m excited about the many events we’ve supported, attended, sponsored and or helped publicize. Our Facebook Page continues to have great tragic and the Legislative And Campaign Committee dud a great job tracking Bills and directing political action activities. Our membership continues to grow and our civic engagement is significant.
  • Phillip Miner
    commented 2017-04-17 08:51:24 -0400
    Our membership continues to grow and engage. Check us out on our Facebook Page – Duval County Democratic Black Caucus. Click in the hyperlink in our Caucus description above.
  • Phillip Miner
    commented 2017-02-12 02:12:19 -0500
    The Black Caucus needs your skills, talents, energy and commitment now more than ever! Come join us. 6 new members joined at our February meeting. We’re waiting for you!
  • Phillip Miner
    commented 2015-03-30 07:02:04 -0400
    I love the work of the Duval County Black Caucus. We are committed to working political issues in our community and region with a goal of increasing the awareness and engagement of our community members in brining about the change we seek and so richly deserve. We believe a civically engaged community, that educates itself on issues and candidates and then votes regularly, is a community worth supporting.
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