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ūüĎć Support 2019-894 — Help STOP the Sale of JEA!

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Councilwoman Priestly Jackson Introduces Bill Aimed At Stopping JEA Sale

Councilwoman Brenda Priestly Jackson has filed a bill (2019-894) calling on JEA’s board to put a halt to the ITN and sale of the utility. Priestly Jackson said the JEA board blindsided City Council members and the public when the board voted July 23 to put the utility up for sale by seeking offers from outside entities.

If approved by the City Council, the resolution would request the JEA board to vote at its next meeting to end the ‚Äúinvitation to negotiate‚ÄĚ process that began in August.¬†Council Member(s) Dennis (D), Carlucci (R), and DeFoor (R) have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill.¬†

Duval Dems commend Jackson for speaking truth to power and support¬†her introduction on this bill.¬†ūüĎŹūüĎŹūüĎŹ¬†

Priestly Jackson bill will be voted on at the January 14th City Council meeting. We need 10-votes for the bill’s passage – so we need your help to make that happen!

Before the January 14th City Council meeting, take a few minutes to call and email each of the city council members listed below and ask them to support 2019-894!

Joyce Morgan: District 1, (904) 255-5201
Al Ferraro: District 2, (904) 255-5202
Aaron Bowman: District 3, (904) 255-5203
Scott Wilson: District 4, (904) 255-5204
LeAnna Cumber: District 5, (904) 255-5205
Michael Boylan: District 6, (904) 255-5206
Reggie Gaffney: District 7, (904) 255-5207
Ju’Coby Pittman:¬†District 8,¬†(904) 255-5208
Garrett Dennis: District 9, (904) 255-5209
Brenda Priestly Jackson: District 10, (904) 255-5210
Danny Becton: District 11, (904) 255-5211
Randy White: District 12, (904) 255-5212
Rory Diamond: District 13, (904) 255-5213
Randy DeFoor: District 14, (904) 255-5214
Terrance Freeman: At-Large Group 1, (904) 255-5215
Ronald B. Salem: At-Large Group 2, (904) 255-5216
Tommy Hazouri: At Large Group 3, (904) 255-5217
Matt Carlucci: At-Large Group 4, (904) 255-5218
Sam Newby: At-Large Group 5, (904) 255-5219