Here’s where we are on the Sales Tax Referendum for our Schools

Sales Tax Referendum for Our Schools | 2019-380
Here's where we are...

On Tuesday after the City Council's Finance Committee took a step forward by approving the referendum and placing it on the November 2020 ballot, it faced a setback in the Rules Committee. The latest indication of outside interests and the Curry Administration exerting pressure and playing political games. Politics seems to stand between our children’s needs as well as the future of Duval.


Lori Boyer attempted to defer the bill in Finance Committee but failed after the heated debate (3-4 vote), ultimately voting for the amended bill. Two (2) hours later, she moved to defer the bill again in Rules Committee and was successful (5-2 vote). Voting to defer the bill until the new City Council is sworn-in next month. Boyer will become DIA CEO next month, a position that works closely with the Curry administration and will replace Brian Hughes, Curry's Chief of Staff.

The School Board was quick to remind the 'defer voters' a month delay will cost the District and taxpayers another $500,000 in maintenance/repair costs and bring further uncertainty. But their concerns were met with indifference.

👇 Voting Yes on Defer Hurts Our Kids! 👇
👇 Urge City Council to bring 2019-380 up for a Vote! 👇
Although 2019-380 has been deferred, it can be brought to a vote by City Council Members or Council President Aaron Bowman at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting. Remember, your efforts are amplified over and over again when we raise our voices together. Email or call City Council Members and urge them to bring 2019-380 to a vote!
What Will a Half Penny Do for Our Schools?
Here are some facts on what Duval County Public Schools are facing:
  • DCPS has the oldest schools in the state
  • $500,000 is spent each month to patch maintenance issues that don't solve the problem
  • PRESENT: $243 million in unfunded repairs and maintenance backlog
  • FUTURE: $5 billion unfunded repairs and maintenance costs
💻 Council Members, we need to Contact: 📞
*Email a Council Member by clicking their name below*
Joyce Morgan: District 1, (904) 630-1389
Al Ferraro: District 2, (904) 630-1381
Aaron Bowman: District 3, (904) 630-1392
Scott Wilson: District 4, (904) 630-1394
Lori Boyer: District 5, (904) 630-1382
Matt Schellenberg: District 6, (904) 630-1388
Reggie Gaffney: District 7, (904) 630-1384
JuCoby Pittman: District 8, (904) 630-1385
Garrett Dennis: District 9, (904) 630-1395
Terrance Freeman: District 10, (904) 630-1684
Danny Becton: District 11, (904) 630-1383
Randy White: District 12, (904) 630-1380
Bill Gulliford: District 13, (904) 630-1397
Jim Love: District 14, (904) 630-1390
Anne Lopez Brosche: At-Large Group 1, (904) 630-1393
John Crescimbeni: At-Large Group 2, (904) 630-1381
Tommy Hazouri: At Large Group 3, (904) 630-1396
Greg Anderson: At-Large Group 4, (904) 630-1398
Sam Newby: At-Large Group 5, (904) 630-1387