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Call to Action on Half-Penny Sales Tax Referendum

call to action on half penny sales tax referendum
Take a few minutes to call and email each of the city council members listed below. We need the City Council to approve the Sales Tax Referendum Today!

SCRIPTHi my name is [say your name], one of your constituents and I support the referendum for our schools. I urge you to vote NO on withdrawal and YES to place the referendum on the ballot for 2019!

Let’s do what’s right for our kids they need your support! Thank you!

Dueling recommendations will go today to Jacksonville City Council when it decides whether it will place a half-cent sales tax on the ballot or quash the Duval County School Board’s request.

Last week, the council’s Finance Committee voted 5-2 to recommend the full City Council withdraw the measure, which would prevent the referendum from going before Duval County voters. Hours later, the Rules Committee voted 4-3 against withdrawal and backed placing the referendum on the ballot for a special election.

Here are some facts on what Duval County Public Schools are facing:
  • DCPS has the oldest schools in the state
  • Costs $500,000 a month to patch maintenance issues
  • PRESENT: $243 million in unfunded repairs and maintenance backlog
  • FUTURE: $5 billion unfunded repairs and maintenance costs

Click Here to Learn more about the Half-Penny Sales Tax

📞Take a few minutes to call and email each of the city council members listed below.
Joyce Morgan: District 1, (904) 255-5201
Al Ferraro: District 2, (904) 255-5202
Aaron Bowman: District 3, (904) 255-5203
Scott Wilson: District 4, (904) 255-5204
LeAnna Cumber: District 5, (904) 255-5205
Michael Boylan: District 6, (904) 255-5206
Reggie Gaffney: District 7, (904) 255-5207
Ju’Coby Pittman: District 8, (904) 255-5208
Garrett Dennis: District 9, (904) 255-5209
Brenda Priestly Jackson: District 10, (904) 255-5210
Danny Becton: District 11, (904) 255-5211
Randy White: District 12, (904) 255-5212
Rory Diamond: District 13, (904) 255-5213
Randy DeFoor: District 14, (904) 255-5214
Terrance Freeman: At-Large Group 1, (904) 255-5215
Ronald B. Salem: At-Large Group 2, (904) 255-5216
Tommy Hazouri: At Large Group 3, (904) 255-5217
Matt Carlucci: At-Large Group 4, (904) 255-5218
Sam Newby: At-Large Group 5, (904) 255-5219