Party Leadership

Chair/State Committeewoman: Lisa King


1st Vice Chair: Darren Mason


Areas of Responsibility: Perform the duties of the Chair in their absence

Other Positions: Democratic County Chair's Association Secretary

Secretary: Daniel Henry


Areas of Responsibility: DEC files, Internal Communications, Record Meeting Minutes, Issue Meeting Notices

Other Positions: Nominating Committee Chair

Treasurer: Joe Johnson


Areas of Responsibility: Receive and prepare for expenditure all financial obligations incurred by the DEC

State Committeeman: John Parker


Areas of Responsibility: Functions as the DEC’s liaison between the Florida Democratic Party, State Executive Committee, and State Clubs & Caucuses 

Other Positions: DNC Member, FDP Congressional District 4 Chair

Vice Chair - Field & Data: Alison Morano


Areas of Responsibility: Organizing efforts for voter turnout and data associated with such

Other Positions: FDP Rules Committee Vice Chair, Parliamentarian, Rules & Bylaws Committee Chair 

Vice Chair - Communications: James Poindexter


Areas of Responsibility: External DEC communications, press and social media

Vice Chair - Events & Outreach: Corey Wilburn 


Areas of Responsibility: Connecting with the small business community and advocacy organizations


Vice Chair - Compliance: Bobbie Nord


Areas of Responsibility: Ensuring all financial reports and those reports required to be filed with the State Party and the Supervisor of Elections or other entities as required are submitted