ByLaws Feedback, Questions and Suggestions

Hello! The Duval County Democratic Party is in the process of updating our bylaws. Below is a link to a copy of the suggested revisions and changes. 

Please read through the suggested bylaws, and let us know if you have any suggestions, revisions or questions about any of the changes. 

Important note: As per the Florida Democratic Party, DEC bylaws are not allowed to be out of compliance with FDP state charter and bylaws. 

Document Description:

The committee has created a comprehensive document, available online (see links below), that includes all changes and additions to the current Duval DEC bylaws.

Description of bylaws document content:

1. Strikethrough the language will be REMOVED from the bylaws

2. Underline: the language will be ADDED to the bylaws

3. Italics  (in RED): Explanation for the change. The red text will not appear in the finalized bylaws.

We will be presenting, discussing and voting on the bylaw changes at the April DEC meeting. 

Thank you very much for your input and consideration.

The Duval County Democratic Party

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Direct File Links for Reference:

Duval DEC Suggested Bylaws
FDP state charter and bylaws

Florida State Statute Governing Political Parties
Roberts Rules of Order


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    Unable to gain access. Was there a deadline?
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    I like that point Elaine.
  • commented 2017-03-24 21:56:44 -0400
    Since the Central Committee representative can be the District Chair and representative of the Central Committee, or a other person selected to be the District representative, there needs to be a note that should the selected representative not be able to attend the scheduled Central Committee meeting, the current District Chair would be seated and be entitled to participate and vote. That person would sit in the meetings until the selected representative is able to return to the next scheduled meeting.